Sunday, February 8, 2009

Officially moved site but not "unpacked"

Soon to come, I'll be blogging again, no doubt. This time from another continent but hopefully we'll keep it interesting! Life is interesting and amazing.

New blogspot:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moving my blog again....

So with a week left in Budapest, I'm planning to move my blogspot as well.

Thank God this part of my world is containable within cyberworld. No papers to sort, files to throw away, or things to stress about fitting into a suitcase. Oh I love this world.

Although I'd love to keep running this current blogspot, the URL name is jeninbudapest and that will be a lie after next Friday. In choosing a new URL, I decided I should steer clear of naming blogs by location as I may be in several in the years to come and I don't want to do this again.

I think I found one I can live with for a long while. If you know how to import my old blog to here, that would be amazing and I would be grateful for the help.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to writing just as much as last year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Golden Gate Half

I started worrying about the Shamrock Half that I planned to do mid-March. Not only has my training been completely thrown off course during this transition, but I was realizing I probably need to give myself more time to prepare for the change in altitude before jumping into an event. It will take me double time to get miles up in Reno.

So, the next event in sight that looks doable and incredibly fun as I'll be taking in some scenic routes, which I love, is the Golden Gate Half....

I have a new goal! April 4th.

Monday, February 2, 2009

11 days...

Each time I get home and look at my apartment, I'm worried. How am I going to fit things in two bags? I've already downsized so much. Hmmm. Oh well and off I go to check facebook, watch a movie or eat some more of this delicious garlic concoction that has become my main stay. It's difficult to take down all the wall hangings when I still have guests coming over through the weekend. I guess Monday and Tuesday of next week will be the time I really hanker down, take down all the stuff off the walls, clean the corners, etc. It truly is not an easy task when you can't just throw everything into your car and move to the next spot. I mean oversized baggage is costly not to mention another bag. Lord, help. This is rough. With exactly 11 days and counting, wow. I'm just hoping with high school, hosting, cleaning, packing, I get out of here alive :) haha.

Oh and workouts this past week have been almost completely thrown out the door. I'm actually reconsidering the Shamrock Half because of many reasons, but one of them is that the change of altitude is going to take a while to adjust to and because it's so darn cold here in Budapest, I haven't had the nerve to freeze myself to death for a workout. So, I've got some aerobic video time done and some pilates, but I can't wait to get on a schedule when I get back to Reno. :)

Thanks for your prayers in this transition.